Machina Station

Excerpts of the Security Office Logs on Machina Station, a transshipment platform orbiting the L3 point in the Marten System.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Security Entry #43170 – 2nd Shift Handover Report

2338 – 26.09.2308

Shipping Log:

1732 – SS Fyen – Slip C-5
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

1855 – FIF Beta23 – Slip C-4
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

1921 – FIF Gamma248 – Slip B-6
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

2149 – SS Ceylon – Slip B-3
–Refueling; Crew R&R

2319 – FIF Gamma094 – Slip B-5
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO


1609 – FIF Gamma102 – Slip C-4
-Private Consignment

1630 – SS Batak – Slip A-2
-Shuttle Service: Marten Control

1646 – FIF Gamma078 – Slip B-8
-Private Consignment

1709 – SS Shinyo – Slip C-7
-Private Consignment

1721 – FIF Gamma232 – Slip B-4
-Private Consignment

1813 – SS Soryu – Slip B-7
-Private Cruise

1950 – SS Schleswig-Holstein – Slip B-6
-Private Consignment

1953 – FIF Gamma051 – Slip C-3
-Private Consignment

2004 – SS EMPRESS – Slip C-6
-Private Consignment

2145 – SS Ryuho – Slip B-5
-Private Cruise

Officer of the Watch Report:

Report filed at 1622 by Madaline Erins (Imperial Bordello License #420031988 current and on file in SCO) charging members of the Knights of the Resurected Don with harrasment. Charges investigated by Sgt. Penn and Officer Harken during patrol. Squires Smith and Giles apprihended following questioning and confession before witnesses. Smith and Giles atmitted to the specific actions while maintaining their propriety in ‘Maintaining the Moral Standing of the Station.’ Both perpetrators were fined and records marked as warned. Squire Roberts was called into the SSO to collect the members of his order and informed that such ‘Moral Outreach’ was properly confined to those who volunteer for such abuse or the discression of the Station Councillor.

Counter-charges of assult by Smith and Giles against Ms. Erins were filed on the basis of extensive brusing and minor lacerations caused by the swung personal effects of Ms. Erins. Charges were dismissed, the actions deemed self-defense , after careful review of testimony given by both parties.

Previously filed requests for compensation for damnages caused by unscheduled IAKU demonstrations in the station Concourse, Station Commanders Office, and numerous Docking ports have now been listed in arrears but Station Council, pending judgement by an Imperial Magistrate. Council requests all 23 private parties listed in the official complaints produce detailed reciepts for both damages caused to property as well as estimates on lost income. Station Council has comitted to sending an additional request for an Imperial Circuit Magistrate to aid in resolving this matter.

NOTE: A form HIE-p0013 ‘Official Bribe Report’ has been filed by OFC Grass. Copies of the completed form are available.

Sgt. Penn
OTW – 2nd Shift

2338 – 26.09.2308

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