Machina Station

Excerpts of the Security Office Logs on Machina Station, a transshipment platform orbiting the L3 point in the Marten System.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Security Entry #43143 – 2nd Shift Handover Report

2348 – 17.08.2308

Shipping Log:
Ships Arriving:

1831 – SS HAMBURG – Slip B-12
-Registered Religious Vessel – Aid Mission

2309 – SS Texas – Slip C-6
-Refueling; Crew R&R

2345 – SS VEGA DAVOS – Slip C-5
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

Ships Departing:

1530 – SS Batak – Slip A-2
-Shuttle Service: Marten Control

1747 – SS Diomede – Slip C-2
-Private Cruise

2029 – FIF Gamma171 – Slip C-1
-Private Consignment

2057 – FIF Gamma262 – Slip C-7
-Private Consignment

2158 – FIF Alpha27 – Slip B-11
-Private Consignment

2202 – FIF Gamma245 – Slip B-7
-Private Consignment

2226 – FIF Gamma266 – Slip C-8
-Private Consignment

2306 – FIF Gamma047 – Slip B-1
-Private Consignment

Officer of the Watch Report:

Demonstrations were held by the IAKU beginning at 1409 and continuing until halted at 1930 by order of the SCO. These demonstrations were not scheduled and were held in the SSO lobby, blocking all access for station visitors and residents. Requests by SSO officers were met by the insistence by IAKU members that according to HID-11 peaceful demonstrations are allowed in any and all public spaces in His Majesty’s Empire. Emergency Declaration 308013 was signed by Cmdr. Marsh declaring all SSO and SCO spaces to be closed to all unauthorized personnel. On refusal of the demonstrators to removed themselves from restricted spaces, the SSO lobby doors were sealed at 1932 and the space re-designated Machina Station Brig 02. All IAKU members detained therein are to be held under close arrest for trespassing on restricted Imperial property until their case can be seen by an Imperial Magistrate.

In accordance with HRD-1008, and after careful consideration by Machina Station Council, all Kirnian Minx pelts are to be sold in lots at public auction to merchants holding Class 4 Imperial Goods licenses. All proceeds from these sales are to be deposited in the Machina Station Widows and Pension Fund. Donations by interested parties may also be made.

Squire Allen of the Knights of the Resurrected Don have placed a memorandum on file with the SSO offering aid in civic organization and crime reduction. Squire Allen has been assured that he and his order will be informed should such aid be requested by competent station authorities. Approval of other services offered in the memorandum has been deferred to the Station Councilor.

Sgt. Penn
OTW – 2nd Shift

2348 – 17.08.2308

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  1. You deferred what/who to me?

    L. Tillich
    Machina Station Councilor

    Comment by Tillich — January 21, 2009 @ 9:07 pm

  2. Councilor Tillich,

    I have forwarded to you the complete text of the memo on file here. Frankly, most of what they were offering falls under the heading of ‘Vigilantism’. The offer of ‘Moral revival and chivalric instruction’ however, I did not feel fell under the jurisdiction of the SSO.

    Honestly, Lucas, good luck.

    Lt. J. Anderson
    Machina Station Security Officer

    Comment by Anderson — January 21, 2009 @ 10:51 pm

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