Machina Station

Excerpts of the Security Office Logs on Machina Station, a transshipment platform orbiting the L3 point in the Marten System.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Security Entry #43125 – 2nd Shift Handover Report

2341 – 11.09.2308

Shipping Log:
Ships Arriving:

1619 – FIF Gamma266 – Slip C-8
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

1631 – SS Matabele – Slip B-6
-Refueling; Crew R&R

1744 – FIF Gamma047 – Slip B-1
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

1838 – SS Washington – Slip B-5

1843 – FIF Gamma171 – Slip C-1
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

1846 – FIF Sigma05 – Slip B-4
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

1903 – FIF Alpha27 – Slip B-11
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

1914 – FIF Gamma233 – Slip B-2
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

1928 – SS Slinger – Slip B-9
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

2052 – FIF Gamma245 – Slip B-7
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

2203 – FIF Gamma262 – Slip C-7
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

2219 – SS Diomede – Slip C-2
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

Ships Departing:
– SS Batak – Slip A-2
-Shuttle Service: Marten Control

1601 – SS Takao – Slip B-3
-Private Consignment

1602 – SS Lorraine – Slip C-3
-Private Consignment

1604 – SS Tracker – Slip C-5
-Private Cruise

1821 – FIF Gamma283 – Slip C-1
-Private Consignment

1849 – SS AFRICA – Slip B-10
-Private Consignment

1902 – SS Bengal – Slip C-2
-Private Consignment

2003 – FIF Beta13 – Slip B-2
-Private Consignment

2149 – FIF Gamma006 – Slip C-6
-Private Consignment

Officer of the Watch Report:

The SCO, in accordance with HRD-1008, does request and require that all salvageable and salable remnants of any Kirnian Minx found on Machina Station be cleaned, preserved, and stored, pending legal disbursement according to the Decree cited above. Detachments from the SMO and Station Infirmary will be assigned with proper processing of Minx cadavers. Cargo bays B-8 and A-4 are hereby designated work and storage areas for the task. Due to the valuable nature of the processed pelts, SSO detachments will also be required for access control to the same areas.

Demonstrations by the Imperial Animal Kindness Union were held in the Station Concourse outside the Station Security Office, as well as the Station Rotunda outside the Station Commander’s Office. Demonstrations were held from 1407 until 1712 in both locations. Scheduled times for demonstrations according to the MSSO-p702 ‘Public Demonstration Announcement Form’ listed as 1400 to 1700 in Concourse only. IAKU representatives reminded that public gatherings and activities are to be restricted to the times and locations listed in the proper forms. Future incidents are to be recorded and forwarded to the SCO for possible civil prosecution.

Sleuth Robert of the Order of the Holy Candlestick has placed a memorandum on file with the SSO offering peacekeeping assistance in the ‘situation following the recent calamity.’ Sleuth Robert has been informed that any such calamity is now past. The memo is on file with duplicates forwarded to the SCO. Future offers of assistance are, by order of the SSO Officer In Charge Lt. Anderson, to be recorded and politely refused.

Sgt. Penn
OTW – 2nd Shift

2341 – 11.09.2308

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  1. Sluth? What kind of name is Sluth?

    L. Tillich
    Machina Station Councilor

    Comment by Tillich — January 18, 2009 @ 10:26 pm

  2. Councilor Tillich,

    Sleuth is, apparently, a title of some rank in the Order of the Holy Candlestick faith. Precisely where this rank lies in the order in general is still a mystery to me. Frankly, I’d never heard of the Order until they stepped into the Office.

    Lt. J. Anderson
    Machina Station Security Officer

    Comment by Anderson — January 21, 2009 @ 4:17 pm

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