Machina Station

Excerpts of the Security Office Logs on Machina Station, a transshipment platform orbiting the L3 point in the Marten System.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Security Entry #43110 – 2nd Shift Handover Report

2351 – 06.09.2308

Shipping Log:
Ships Arriving:

1633 – SS Furry Bride – Slip A-4
-Registered IAKU Protest Vessel

1750 – SS AFRICA – Slip B-10
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

1847 – SS Lorraine – Slip C-3
-Refueling; Crew R&R

1950 – FIF Gamma006 – Slip C-6
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

2144 – SS Takao – Slip B-3
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

2205 – SS Tracker – Slip C-5

2230 – FIF Gamma283 – Slip C-1
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

2236 – SS Bengal – Slip C-2
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

2251 – FIF Beta13 – Slip B-2
-Transshipment – Referred to CDO

Ships Departing:
1531 – SS Batak – Slip A-2
-Shuttle Service: Marten Control

2152 – SS Ajax – Slip B-6
-Private Consignment

2206 – SS Devonshire – Slip B-2
-Private Consignment

Officer of the Watch Report:

In response to a Station Maintenance Office request, the policy of providing armed escorts to all SMO personnel with duties out of nominally patrolled public spaces is to be retained and extended until further notice. Requests that said escorts be denied access to the heavy weapons locker without approval from the shift supervisor is under consideration.

By order of the Infirmary, the addition of face masks and topical disinfectants/deodorizers are to be included in all station first aid kits. The infirmary also requests armed escorts to accompany infection control crews while they disinfect known minx spaces. The infirmary notes that said crews wil not be active until the SMO completes repairs to station infrastructure and hull integrity in former minx areas.

As required by HID 628 ‘ The Imperial Records Act ‘, notice is given here of a request for all formal documentation pertaining to Kirnian Minxs and the Machine SSO treatment of the same. A copy of the request filed by J. Hempstead for the Imperial Animal Kindness Union is available on request.

Sgt. Penn
OTW – 2nd Shift

2351 – 06.09.2308

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