Machina Station

Excerpts of the Security Office Logs on Machina Station, a transshipment platform orbiting the L3 point in the Marten System.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Security Entry #43090

2341 – 01.09.2308

Officer of the Watch Report:

As of 1600, Cmdr. Marsh has, in the form of Emergency Declaration 308011, declared active Kirnian Minx suppression operations at an end. This supersedes and replaces the special circumstances outlined in Emergency Declaration 308008. Maintenance crews are to be assigned to repair damage caused during the Incident and dispose of the debris associated with the Minx infestation. Normal shipping will be resumed as of 0800 tomorrow.

In an effort to prevent any future similar outbreaks, armed SSO inspection teams will be required to accompany the CDO when inspecting the living spaces and open cargo containers aboard any and all vessels docking with Machina Station. All animals not possessing valid Imperial work and/or residency permits will be quarantined until cleared by the infirmary and Station Commander’s Office.

Lt. Anderson
Security Office Officer In Charge

2341 – 01.09.2308

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  1. To: Machina Station Security Office
    From: Machina Station Maintenance Office

    Lt. Anderson,

    Thank you very much for the escort teams. We haven’t needed them yet, thank the Cross, but they do a lot to calm the lads down. I don’t mean to criticize or say a word against any of your boys, but they do seem a bit jittery of the shadows themselves. Normally I’d say ‘Good on them! A good copper needs a bit of the Paranoia!’, but what with the heavy metal they’ve been carrying, they’re making a bit of a mess. If you could talk to them about it, or maybe just ask them to leave the plasma cannon at home, I’d really appreciate it. We’ve got enough hull breeches to deal with as it is.

    With all Sincerity,

    Shamus Delaney
    Department Manager
    Machina Station Maintenance Office

    Comment by Delany — January 2, 2009 @ 1:21 am

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