Machina Station

Excerpts of the Security Office Logs on Machina Station, a transshipment platform orbiting the L3 point in the Marten System.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Security Entry #43084 – E.D. 308008

1613 – 28.08.2308

By order of the Station Commanders Office, the following directive is being placed in the log, in pursuance of Section 1, paragraph 4 of the Machina Station SSG:

Emergency Deceleration 308008

By order of the Machina Station Station Commander, apprehension and control of Kirnian Minxes onboard Machina Station and other vessels within the Machina Station Commanders Office jurisdiction is to be enforced with deadly force. All personnel are requested and required to terminate with extreme prejudice any and all Kirnian Minxes discovered or suspected. Station Security Office Arms Locker access restrictions and SSO Force Limitation Guidelines as laid out in the Machina Station SSG are rescinded until further notice by competent Station Command Authority.

Yeoman Pamela Ryan
FOR Cmdr. Obed Marsh
Commander, HISS Machina Station

(NOTE: Transcript of original orders available from Machina Station Infirmary Data Services. Not recommended for playback in the presence of children due to content.)

Lt. Anderson
Security Office Officer In Charge

1613 – 28.08.2308

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Security Entry #43081 – 2nd Shift Handover Report

2322 – 27.08.2308

Shipping Log:



1531 – SS Batak – Slip A-2
-Shuttle Service: Marten Control

1640 – SS Chokai – Slip A-11
-Private Cruise

1731 – FIF Gamma263 – Slip C-1
-Private Consignment

2002 – SS Admiral Scheer – Slip A-6
-Private Consignment

2053 – SS O’Higgins – Slip C-7
-Private Consignment

2106 – SS Mogami – Slip A-1
-Private Consignment

Officer of the Watch Report:
By order of the SCO, all shipping has been suspended as of 1430. All vessels currently in dock are requested to submit to a SSO inspection against Kirnian Minx infestation and divert to the nearest port facility.

OFC Grass sent to infirmary pending transport to Marten Medical Wing after assisting IT personnel in inspections of SCO data center. The number of Minxes infesting that area are unavailable as of this report, OFC Grass’ estimate is considered unreliable, as much of the statement was unintelligible due to facial bandages. Much of the remainder of the statement is not being considered germane at this time, being dominated by copious profanity. The SCO Data Center has been sealed and administrative computing has been transferred to the Auxiliary Data Center until further notice.

By order of the SCO, an exhaustive search of all SCO spaces will commence at the beginning of 1st Shift to determine the extent of Minx infestation in that area. All Security office personnel are required to participate. PPE and Riot Gear will be distributed at 0730. Security Office Personnel are encouraged to requisition additional protective equipment at their discretion.

NOTE: Due to a shortage in available computing resources, all adult image and media services are suspended until further notice. All complaints may be directed in writing to SCO-DC staff. Responses to inquiries will be made as computing resources allow.

Sgt. Penn
OTW 2nd Shift

2322 – 27.08.2308

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